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I had my Ozon flat iron for seven years. It just started flashing and won't heat up. I definately got my moneys worth
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I purchased a new flat iron from this company on 13th August, as i broke my last one, and have not heard a thing from them so far. I have sent numerous emails to US and UK sites, but had no response from anyone on either side of the pond. Really disappointed as its a...
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I ordered an Ozon flat iron for the first time through a retailer and I loved my straightener. It stopped working after about 4 years and now I can't find it anywhere so I ordered it straight from the manufacturer. BIG MISTAKE. I assumed that working with the...
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don't do business with this company. their flat iron wouldn't heat up all the way and i was given now way to return the item. yes they provide a telephone number, but no one ever answers the phone OR responds to email. i had to call my credit card company to get the...
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i ordered a flat iron from late last year. after two months the flat iron stopped working so i called the company to see if i could get a warranty repair. after about five phone calls and leaving messages i gave up and decided to contact them via...
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I am so glad you wrote this review. My friend had a similar issue. Iron wouldn\'t get hot and company didn\'t call her back. Their service is horrific and the irons are made o...


I represent Ozon Hair Systems, and I can assure you that if you simply send your product as instructed on our site under \"Warranty\" you will get a replacement. If you need c...

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